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"global-artist.net" is a website designed to provide artists with means of distributing information,
covering all genres of music from jazz, fusion, to progressive rock.
Information coverage will span across all forms of art in future to functions
a community place for artists without borders.


About "global-artist.net" and Internet Magazine "Artist Press"

"global-artist.net" is an information web site by Global Artist Network for covering musicians' profile,
concert schedules, album release information and much more since its conception on January 24, 2001.
"Artist Press" is a Internet magazine from this site featuring interviews, show reviews as well as insights into stage equipment.

"Artist Press"
Edited and issued by Global Artist Network
First issue: January 30, 2001
Language : Japanese (English edition being planned.)
Contents: Interviews, concert reviews, equipment reviews etc.
Artists covered in past issues: Carlos Kanno, Hiroyuki Namba, Akira Jimbo, Kohichi Osamu,
Shuichi Hidano, KANKAWA, Kiyomi Ohtaka, Ryo Okumoto, Kazumi Watanabe, et al.

"Other Contents"
Info. from Artists: Live show schedules, CD release information, etc.
Artist Data: Biography, link to home page, etc.


Global Artist Network

Global Artist Network was established in November 2000 as a nonprofit organization
by art loving volunteers to provide free information exchange services for artists around the globe.
The activity of Global Artist Network now extends to organizing live shows
and musical events as well as artists management and promotions.

Copyright (C) 2001-2003 Global Artist Network. All rights reserved.