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Yellow Jackets
2nd Stage, September 13 at Motion Blue yokohama

Supreme musicianship blasts off on the stage. The thill and excitement of the fusion sound by Yellow Jackets is nothing short of spectacular.

Official Site: http://www.yellowjackets.com/

Message from Jimmy Haslip

This stage was the final performance in Japan. They appeared relaxed on the stage and made ensemble of the first number "Freedomland" at ease. Jimmy Haslip on the bass and Marcus Baylor on the drums played freely in rich variations which with a great sense of cohesiveness. Bob Mintzer's saxophone solo with rich sounds was impressive.

On the following number, "The Red Sea", the piano accompaniment by Russel Ferrante provided the foundation of the groove. Bob Mintzer played the wind synthesizer in great clarity which conversed with Jimmy Haslip's. On this second number, of the show, the band ensemble became tight enough, meantime allowing each of the members to move freely. Russel Ferrante shifted his piano style to a chord accompaniment that was a clear example of his virtuosity on the instrument. The melody line with a good beat and the chord construction were very much noteworthy.

The third tune "Motet" was a nice one with the westcoast feel to it. The naturally sustained melody line on the saxophone gave soothing feeling as well. Jimmy Haslip demonstrated his prowess on the bass with the rich tone as if to play the guitar. His bass solo was quite heartfelt.

The latter half of this piece went on with speed and excitement. At the quick passage on the piano, sax and bass came on in perfect unison which was breath taking. The detailed intonation on the saxophone added depth to the emotion in music.

"Tortiose and the Hare", in nice contrast, came quietly with the brush on the drums as Russel Ferrante played beautiful melody on the piano. The tune sped up gradually to an exquisite piano solo. Marcus Baylor was amazingly inspired on his drums and went on freely. It was as if his arms extended to the tip of drum sticks which he held a bit short. The dynamics and the intonation were impressive anough to overwhealm the whole house.

Then the thrill and power of "Song for Carla" began with whopping beat, then followed by "Mofongo". In the introductio npart Russel Ferrante presented classical beauty of the melody on the piano, whose subtlety was reminding of Claude Debussy. The bass and the drums came on with the main theme brightly and the song evolves in speed. The whole band was tight on the rhythm while detail passages were demonstrated, resulting in a wonderfully big groove. Marcus Baylor led the rhythm with the Cabassa in his right hand while playing the drum set with his left hand. All in all the rhythm ensamble on this tune was superb.

"Gogo", A tune from "Times Square". When played right in the face it was several times more thriilling and powerful than the recording. On the bopping and light-footed beat Russel Ferrante's piano sounded brighter than ever before.

Bob Mintzer gave some friendly words to the audience and introduced the last song of the show, "The Evening News". Jimmy Haslip was outstanding on this tune. To call his performance a technical mastery in its extremity would be an understatement. His unparralelled musicianship always is a wonder to behold. His combination with Marcus Baylor was simply beyond expression. The greatest rhythm section on the surface of the earth must be the two.

The crowd was absolutely frantic about calling them back on the stage, to which the band played "REVELATION". High-spirited shuffling rhythm vibrated through the venue and the whole house was in one rhythm in a single moment. The band was brilliant on the stage for the fun of doing what they do best

The superior musicianship and the prowess on the instrument were what was found on the stage as well as emotion and sense of excitement. Yellow Jackets presented the best of fusion to the utmost enjoyment of the audience. "We'll be back soon", was the word from them , which will have to be fulfilled in no time.

Russel Ferrante (Keyboards)
Jimmy Haslip(Bass)
Bob Mintzer(Sax)
Marcus baylor(Drums)

Set List :

1. FREEDOMLAND (Green House, Live Wires)

2. THE RED SEA (Run For Your Life)
3. MOTET (Mint Jam)
5. SONG FOR CARLA (Mint Jam)
6. MOFONGO (Mint Jam)
7. GOGO(Times Square)
THE EVENING NEWS (Club Nocturne, Mint Jam)


Review by Asako Matsuzaka
Edit & Design by Asako Matsuzaka
Translation by Tatsurou ueda
Many thanks to Yellow Jackets, Motion blue yokohama

Message from Jimmy Haslip

I love traveling to Japan and enjoy the amazing hospitality always there ! The wonderful vibrations from the audience and the promotion people for each venue is always at the highest level of organization makes me feel so comfortable and eager to give 1000% of my time and energy back to everyone . . .

It is always a highlight to visit Japan and perform there for me as an artist ! I will look forward to my next visit there and will always have the most wonderful memories of my experiences there in this beautiful and Inspiring country !

I have made many friends there as well and cherish these relationships very much ! I feel extremely fortunate to have such opportunity in my life and to be able to play music for the beautiful audiences there . . .

All my best wishes with peace and harmony
Jimmy Haslip

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